Rotary Foundation of Knoxville

The Rotary Foundation of Knoxville was established in 1929 to provide financial assistance to worthy college students. Initially, it provided repayable loans to these students. The earlier loan program has now been phased out and today the foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that receives tax deductible contributions and provides funding for two primary missions of the Rotary Club of Knoxville: college scholarships and special projects.

Century Campaign – In 2005, on the 90th anniversary of the founding of The Rotary Club of Knoxville, the Foundation announced the Century Campaign. The goal of the Century Campaign is to build our Foundation’s endowment to $1 million to provide sustainable funding for educational and humanitarian outreach projects and programs.

Three levels of giving were established for the Century Campaign:

Mt. Chapman Society ($50,000 and above)

Qualifying Gift: Single or cumulative bequest of $50,000 or more. Pledges may be paid over a ten year period.

Recognition: Name on a permanent plaque, listing in club directory, lapel pin, special annual dinner, and an opportunity to name your designated endowment.

Founders Club ($10,000-$49,000)

Qualifying Gift: Single, cumulative or bequest of $10,000-$49,000. Pledges may be paid over a five year period.

Recognition: Name on a permanent plaque, listing in club directory, lapel pin, special annual dinner.

Chapman Circle ($1,000-$9,999)

Qualifying Gift: Single, cumulative or bequest of $1,000-$9,999,

Recognition: Name on a permanent plaque, listing in club directory, lapel pin, special annual dinner.

Century Campaign Contributors

Mt. Chapman Society
Joseph L. Johnson
Townes Lavidge Osborn
Kathleen S. Parks
Robert F. Samples
James Schaad
Samual C. Weaver

Founders Club
Frank M. Addicks
Edward S. Albers, Jr.
John W. Bailey, Jr.
James A. Bierkamp
Suzanne R. Carriere
Robert R. Croley
Ben M. Davidson
Mack A. Gentry
Robert L. Johnson
Donna Johnston
Elisa C. King
Roy King
Robert C. McCallie
Douglas J. McKamey
Jeannine C. McKamey*
Norman C. McRae
Jody A. Mullins
Robert C. Parrott
Stephen E. Roth
Frank H. Rothermel
W. Harry Sherrod
Harry W. Stowers, Sr.*
Wright Tisdale, Jr.*
David Torbett

Century Circle
Neil Coleman
Rob Page

Chapman Circle
F. Whitfield Addicks
Sam J. Albritton III
Edwin A. Anderson
Stephen G. Anderson
W. W. Armistead*
Susan S. Arp
Myrwood C. Besozzi
H. Edward Black
Jake J. Breazeale
Robert J. Breazeale
James S. Bush
Robert M. Carter
Jefferson Chapman
Arthur V. Clancy Jr.
N. Brooks Clark
Clayton Foundation
Barry L. Cleveland
W. James Cortese
Samuel L. Coulter
Charles P. Crawford
James R. Cundall
Linda S. Davidson
James L. Decker
John A. Decker
Michael D. Defur
M. Lloyd Downen
Robert Scott Elmore
J. William Felton III*
Ellen B. Fowler
Amy Kay Gibson
John Goins
F. Lucille Griffo
Jason K. Hamilton
Charles R. Harr
Donald C. Hasson
Lisa T. Hurst
Terence B. Igoe
Richard G. Isaac
G. Russell Jensen
Steven F. Jerman
Joseph E. Johnson
Michael R. Johnson
Dale A. Keasling
Paul J. Kedrow
Katherine E. Kennedy
Roy M. Kennedy
Mark W. King
Kenneth J. Knight
Alan F. Lee
James Lester Lunceford
William T. MacGrath
Randolf Mansfield
Robert S. Marquis
Sandra T. Martin
Bradley T. Maynard
Dennis R. McClane
Kathleen G. Metts
Ramzy N. Mikhail*
Charles J. Morris
George H. Morris
John D. Morris
Julian G. Morton, Jr.
David G. Moser
P. Edwin Nolen
James M. Overbey
John J. Pace III
T. Allen Pannell
John C. Parks*
Thomas N. Parlon*
Edward G. Phillips
David A. Pope
William D. Powell
Wesley N. Price
Walter T. Pulliam
James P. Roddy III
Louis G. Roepke
Boyd Romines
J. Wayne Roquemore
Jerry Rysticken
James Jay Secor, III
A. Dean Skadberg
R. Foster Slack, Jr.
Judi D. Starliper
Richard Stooksbury
H. Wesley Stowers, Jr.
Lawrence B. Suchomski
Stephen J. Suggs
Joseph E. Sutter
Steven M. Thomas
H. Blair Trimble*
W. Scott Trimble, Jr.
Donna J. Walker
Stephen C. Walling
H. Brown Wright

Four Way Fellows
Jim Alexander
Kristi Bible
Larry Brown
Joseph DeFiore
Rachel Ford
Mark Haub
Roman Havrylyak
Shannon Holland
Becky Huckaby
Kathryn Johnson
Anita Lane
Calvin MacLean
Jim McBrearty
Virginia Morrow
Mary Ann Mulhern
Jennifer Sepaniak
Emma Webb
Mark Webb
Russ Wilson

Foundation Supporters (under $1,000)
Jo H. Anderson, Jr.
John Bailes
Albert F.G. Bedinger, V
McKinley Braden
John G. Brock
W. Gardner Brock
Dave Baumgartner
Jeffrey Berry
Ralph C. Caldwell*
Rob Chadwell
Matt Chambers
Jan Coe
Ludell N. Coffey
W. James Cortese
Lisbeth Couser
Robert A. Crawford
William Crosland
Martin Daniel
Matthew D. Daniels
John Dempster
Mary Lynne Derrington
Barbara I. Dewey
Becky Dodson
Allen G. Edwards
Myron Ely
Wallace F. Estill*
Dean B. Farmer
William A. Fortune*
David Freeman
George B. Fritts
Edgar Gee
Jackie Griswold
Jerry D. Hall
Patricia A. Hall
Kimberly D. Hamilton
Loretta Harber
Lisa D. Helton
Howard Hess
Alan Hill
Robert E. Hill*
Nathan A. Hunter
William W. Hurt
Kathryn Johnson
Russ Johnston
Roy King
Benjamin A. Landers
David B. Lantz
Douglas J. Lawyer
Betty L. Lay
Jeffery Loos
Alan C. Lowe
Lucile A. Matthews
Matthew S. McClell
Vergil L. Metts, IV
Tina M. Minnick
Sharon C. Mullens
Brent Midyett
Andrew Murr
Odgie Oliveira
Mike Ownby
Michael Niemeyer
Jane Palmer
William Pender
Michael S. Parton
Thomas D. Pryse
T. Michael Rentenbach
Jessica Rich
George Rieger
Pat Rutenberg
Brian Salesky
Amadou B. Sall
John Salsbery
Kathy Sergeant
Max Shell
Paul C. Sherbakoff*
T. Lee Sherbakoff
Holton Siegling
Karen M. Sowers
Grant L. Standefer
Robert O. Starkey, III
Eugene S. Stowers, III
Elaine Streno
Rodman Townsend
James W. Waldrop
Tiffany Walker
Russ Watkins
Virginia Weatherstone
Annette E. Winston
Anthony Wise