International Projects

  • Support preschools in South Africa in conjunction with Stanford and Knysna Rotary Clubs
  • Longtime support of the Mateszalka Children’s Home in Hungary including providing Christmas gifts
  • Continue funding the fight against Polio in the role of an Eradicator Club
  • Sent medical equipment and a vocational training team to Zimbabwe to train medical professionals
  • Through Rotary Grants in excess of half a million dollars have provided clean water to 115 villages in the Isaan Region in Thailand, supplying clean water to over 50,000 children and their families.
  • Provide administrative support along with water tanks, medical equipment, and kidney transplants to children in and around Mexico City

Our club has partnered with Rotarians in Hungary, Thailand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mauritania.

  • Rotary Club of Knoxville and Hungary
    Twin Club Connections

    After the Iron Curtain came down in 1990, Rotary International reached out and helped get Rotary clubs started in the former Communist countries. Five members of the Rotary Club of Knoxville flew to Budapest in November 1995. The club had invited the presidents of the 12 new Hungarian Rotary clubs from all around Hungary to a special “Tennessee Rotary welcomes you to the world of Rotary” luncheon event. It was on Nov. 2 and a snow storm/blizzard occurred. The Knoxville travelers held their breath. Would the Rotarians make it to Budapest for this special gathering? Yes, they all made it! During this event the Knoxville Rotarians learned that Mateszalka Rotarians had a dream to rebuild a summer camp that had been used for training Communist youth, but that now the camp – called Camp Tridea – is envisioned as a place that could offer fresh air and a few weeks of happiness for refugee children, orphans and underprivileged children in the eastern area of Hungary. Social services had been drastically reduced, and there was little laughter and joy for poor children. The Mateszalka Rotarians wanted to change that and we, The Rotary Club of Knoxville, said we would help them. Thus we became partners and our Twin Club connections began.

    Over the past 20 years, the Knoxville Rotarians have come to know and cherish every member of the Mateszalka club and the members of their families. By working together, sharing meals, toasting and getting to know one another and appreciating our different cultures, we have not only helped many children, but have reminded ourselves that goodwill, peace and better understanding in the world starts when we share our time, talents, meals and hearts together.

  • Thailand Safe Water Projects

    Thailand Safe Water ProjectsThere is widespread need for safe water in Northeast Thailand, called Isaan, near Laos and Cambodia. Isaan is the nation’s largest and poorest region with an average yearly income of approximately $200 USD.. Thailand has the world’s highest incidence of kidney disease. In Isaan, over 30% of the population is treated each year for chronic effects of waterborne diseases with the most vulnerable being the children under five years of age.

    Ever since 2006 the Rotary Club of Knoxville and Rotary District 6780 along with the Rotary Club of Namphong, the Rotary Club of Khon Kaen, and Rotary District 3340 have partnered to provide clean water to the Isaan region. During this time they have provided water systems for 115 villages through Rotary Foundation grants in excess of half a million dollars. This in turn has supplied clean water to over 50,000 children and their families.

    The key to the success of these water projects has been a strong local Rotary Club, a centrally located school in each village for each water house, a municipal partner to provide electricity, thorough education of the customers, training of the school custodian as an operator, sustainability through requiring small monthly payments from the users, and financial support from the Rotary Club of Knoxville, District 6780, the Rotary Foundation.

  • South Africa

    We have long standing relationships with the Rotary Club of Knysna and the Rotary Club of Stanford, South Africa. Additionally Rotarian Dr Amadou Sall leads annual service trips to Cape Town go here to see details of the trips.